Special Offers

We have seasonal Special Offers throughout the year across all of our stores. We update these offers regularly so keep your eyes peeled for our latest offerings.

Latest Offers

Here’s a selection of our most recent special offers. If there’s no offers currently running, please check back again next Friday for possible updates.

Meat for the Week

Meat for the Week 2021


Individual item value: £25.50

Save 22%

Silverside Beef 700g
Loin of Pork 1kg
Seasoned Chicken 1.5kg
Minced Beef Steak 600g
Eco Gammon Joint 600g+
Back Bacon 400g
Pork Sausage 908g

Available until 12.03.2021

Steak Combo


Individual item value: £30

Sirloin Steak 800g
Rump Steak 800g
Ribeye Steak 800g

Available until stocks last

Roasting Beef


Irish Beef Joints
Ideal for a Sunday Roast

Available until stocks last

Whole Beef Fillets

Whole Beef Fillet
Whole Beef Fillet


Whole British Fillets at an unbeatable price. To qualify for the special price, the whole fillet must be purchased.
Our in-store butchers can cut the whole fillet into steaks upon request.

Frozen Chicken Fillets

Super Long Term Price

2.5kg £10


Meat Box Sirloin Steak
Meat Box Pork Loin Rind On Top
Meat in the Box Logo
Meat Box Chicken Fillets
Meat Box Diced Beef Steak

Our New Home Delivery Service

Changes to Offer Notifications

Changes to Offer Notifications

We are changing the way we contact you about our special offers.

What’s changing?

– Text messages will become less frequent

– App members will continue to receive notifications on all offers

What’s staying the same?

– We’ll still have great offers available in our stores

– You can still use your loyalty card or app account in our stores

How do I stay in the loop?

Download our app (you get a free gift)

– If you are a new or existing app user, make sure push notifications are enabled in your settings